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Buying High Heels For Dance Class

Updated: Jan 24

Your guide to finding and purchasing gorgeous high heels that are beginner friendly, safe and dance class approved. Dance Heels are a huge investment. We have included some affordable options to get you started, and some recommendations of our absolute favourite brands (with some discount codes)

Investing in the right shoes for dancing is important. The right heels provide adequate foot and ankle support, will improve your stability and allow you to train in heels comfortably. So before we look at heels, ideally what are we even looking for?

  • Stiletto Boot Heels are the best for beginners. They provide adequate foot and ankle support while you train correct techniques and strength conditioning in heels class.

  • Heel height of 3.5 inches is best for beginners. This should be a comfortable height to learn basic techniques and learn to hold your posture and balance in heels correctly.

  • Flexible Sole is best for beginners. The heel should be an extension of your foot. A flexible sole allows you to feel the floor and point those toes!

  • Heels designed for dancing are best for beginners. Although a huge investment, shoes designed for dancing will tick all of the boxes to ensure you are comfortable and avoid injury.

  • Don't be afraid to bring options or switch to bare feet. Bring along multiple pairs to class, and if you're not feeling safe continue the rest of your class in sneakers or bare feet and approach your instructor for advice.


If you can afford the cash and splash, we strongly recommend indulging in a pair of BURJU Shoes. BURJU are high-quality and designed for dancing, and are worn by professional dancers and celebrities worldwide. They have many styles available, and the ability to customise the fit and heel height. We have 5 tips when purchasing your BURJU'S

  1. American Pricing BURJU is based in the USA, all of the pricing displayed is in USD. Keep the USD to AUD conversion rate in mind when adding your favourite pair to the cart. All boot stilettos are approximately $169.00 USD.

  2. Sizing PLEASE ensure you check the size guide. The US sizes are not always the same as AUD sizes. BURJU have a great size checker tool on their website you can utilise to get the Cinderella fit.

  3. Shipping If you request custom BURJU's this can significantly delay shipping. On average, shipping takes 1-3 weeks to Australia. If you have a friend, it may be worthwhile splitting express shipping between you.

  4. Discount Code Who doesn't love a cheeky discount code? We have a link to redeem 25% OFF YOUR FIRST PAIR. Click the button below to get shopping:



These shoes are under $100 and have designs very similar to BURJU. The a of moderate quality and tick all the boxes, however are not as durable as dance brands like BURJU. Make sure you choose the correct sizing and heel height (beginners we recommend 3.5 inches) when ordering online.