All of our classes are fun-orientated and open to adult women. We have classes and courses to that are suitable for newbies to dance, and anyone with prior experience. Let your hair down, have fun and find your sexy and own it! We have an amazing community of female students that welcome you to a safe, supportive space full on feminine energy and good vibes!



A blend of sass and street moves, with a modern twist on burlesque. This girly hip hop class is performed in sneakers. This class radiates queen vibes and is perfect for beginners without dance experience who aren't confident in heels, or booty shorts.


The cousin to Hip Hop Femme our Commercial Dance class is combination of street jazz and hip-hop. This girly class blends an array of modern styles usually performed in pop artist live shows, music videos and movies. This class is perfect for absolute beginners and is full of energy, fun performance.



Performed in high heels, this class is a combination of commercial, street jazz and burlesque. A blend of sass, sexy and sensual this class is empowering and will fire up your feminine side. Grow confident walking, strutting and dancing in your stilettos. This class has been named "heels therapy" by our students and is a feel-good style.


This class is a blend of heels, twerk and tease. This class is for those who love all things sexy with a focus on fluidity, floor-play and flex. This blended class explores technique both the technique of twerk and dancing heels. Performed in either heels or sneakers - this class will leave you feeling strong & sexy. Knee pads are strongly recommended



Shake it up and pop into a twerk class or book one of our private workshops for your next event. We describe this class as the "cheeky" booty-burner.  Its all about fun and suitable for beginners with no dance experience at all. Learn how to jiggle, pop, drop, wine, shimmy, shake and isolate your cheeks and hips. Do be warned, this style is addictive and more fun that it seems!